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VEJRLFC 2014 Coaching Summary – Season 2014

Welcome to all the new Coaches and welcome back to those returning for another year. The Committee very much appreciates the work that goes into coaching and the sacrifices that you make.

The Committee has noticed over the last few seasons that there are some areas that need to be addressed in terms of developing both players and coaches.  As a Club, we would like to go back to the basics and fundamentals i.e. catch and pass drills and tackle techniques.

There are a few ways we can bring about this change.   All Coaches and Managers from each age group can choose their own skills drills for their session or as a Club we can get together and map out a weekly skill session. This will be discussed at the Compulsory Coaches and Managers Meeting (at a date to be decided).


In years gone by Coaches have put their own stamp on each team and this will still be strongly encouraged.  However to ensure clarity for all coaches, players and parents we will now be adopting a club lead structure for pre-season training and trial games (if this is successful we will continue throughout the season).  Under 10’s to Under 15’s will now have all the kids from each age group train together on one night (eg. Mods either Monday or Wednesday and International either Tuesday or Thursday nights). The first training night will be skills based, where the coaches from each team will be organising set drills together:

(a)    splitting into 4 groups (this can be mixed up week to week)

·         front row and second row

·         hookers and locks

·         halves and five eights

·         centres, wings and full backs

This has a two-fold effect, firstly all children get to know each other equally, taking out the mentality of 1st side, 2nd side and 3rd side, therefore building depth within the club as well as creating a stronger club spirit. The higher skilled players will be able assist and mentor the less highly skilled players. Social skills will improve and friendships will be extended when they train together as an age group not just a team.  On the second night of the week, ages will then split into their trial games/game day teams and ball work can be concentrated on.


We have some of the most experienced Coaches in the Hunter with a great understanding and a feel for the game.  We need to have these Coaches mentor and develop the lesser experienced Coaches as many of these Coaches are dads who put their hand up to assist the Club because there is no one else.  At the same time, these Coaches must raise their hand or approach the Committee or other Coaches, if they feel they are lacking some ideas, methods or direction.  This a way we can keep the process very simple and most importantly fun for the players.  Please feel free to contact myself or any of the other Coaches or Committee at any stage during the season.


For the graded sides (Under 12’s to Under 15’s) in previous years there were some instances or pre-decided teams without any scope for movement.  We strongly urge all Coaches to enter the 2014 Season with an open mind towards team selection.  During the March trial games give fringe players the opportunity to play up at a higher level, this will the benefit both player and Club.  When there are difficult decisions to be made re team selection, the Committee will make the final decision in consultation with the coaches.


For the ungraded sides (U6 to U11), we will endeavor to keep the previous year’s sides together, with new players to the club evenly dispersed throughout the established sides.

However there are certain circumstances which can change this. For example: If one side from last year has lost a number of players but other sides haven’t then these sides may have to ‘even’ the numbers up. This will be at the discretion of the Committee.

It has always been the policy of this club to evenly disburse new players to the club, and especially to the game, throughout our ungraded sides.

It is a direction of Newcastle Schoolboys that all sides in a club are equally balanced and penalties such as loss of competition points can be dished out. Because of this we as a committee have a duty to monitor these age groups throughout the trials and will have final say on all teams before competition starts.


Valentine is the largest junior club in northern NSW and we need to ensure that as Coaches, Managers and Trainers we are above reproach in regards to our interaction with League Officials, we need to set the standard. This includes at home & away games and during training.


As a Club it is our responsibility to help all Coaches as we have a duty of care towards them, but more importantly the duty of care to all our players is to have unity and the best possible Coaching group we can assemble. We the 2014 Committee, are committed to ensuring the continuing development not only of this great Club but also of every child player here.  We take great pride in the family club we have and endeavour to continue the success and growth of the Valentine Eleebana JRLFC.