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Valo Gala Day
27 May 2019
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Rugby League Rules & Codes

Coaching Competency

As a coach, it is always important to remember that at all times you are a role model and should act accordingly to portray the ethical and behavioural conduct expected of you.

Coaches are encouraged to work enthusiastically at all times with players, and above all ensure their assessed and approved competency must never be in question.

This competency is based on:
- Knowledge / Understanding of the game
- Skill
- Coaching Performance

Accredited coaches must also act in accordance with the Australian Sports Commission's (ASC) Code of Ethics and the Australian Rugby League's (ARL) Code of Conduct/Behaviour and the Legal and Legislative Responsibilities with apply to a coach.

Rugby League has, for the first time, brought together all sections of the game in a Kids to Kangaroos National Development plan, which will coordinate the sport's multi-million dollar investment in junior participation and development.

National Development Plan

The ARL plan coordinates the $21 million directly invested in the game at junior level through direct grants from the NRL Partnership, the ARL, ARL Development and major Leagues Clubs, as well as the more than $60million generated through local leagues clubs, volunteers, sponsors and participants.

Click here  to download National Development Plan


National Code of Condect

The National Code of Conduct, officially endorsed by the Australian Rugby League, covers behavioural expectations of players, coaches, parents, officials, spectators and volunteers and was developed after extensive research across all sports by ARL Development.

Click here to download National Code of Conduct


The Safeplay Code for Junior Rugby League

The SAFEPLAY CODE was developed to emphasise safety and good conduct within the game of Rugby League.

The code is designed to provide the best on-the-field environment possible for the 'junior' game of Rugby League by actively controlling undesirable actions.

Click here to download the Safe Play Code