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Valo Gala Day
27 May 2019
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SUNDAY 15 March 2015
Mini Field Team
9.00am 3x10mins Under 7 Reds v Wests Red
9.40am 3x10mins Under 7 Devils v Wests Green
10.20am 3x10mins U 7 Whites v Wests Red/Green
11.00am 3x10mins Under 6 Whites v Wests Red
11.40am 3x10mins Under 6 Devils v Wests Green
12.20pm 3x10mins Under 6 Reds v Wests White
1.00pm 3x10mins Under 8 Reds v Wests Red
1.40pm 3x10mins Under 8 Whites v Wests Green
2.20pm3x10mins Under 8 Devils v Wests White
Mod Field  
8.30am 2x20mins Under 9 Devils v Wests Red
9.20am 2x20mins Under 9 Whites v Wests Green
10.10am 2x20mins Under 9 Reds v Wests Red/Green
11.00am 2x20mins Under 10/3s  v Wests 10/3s    
11.50am 2x20mins Under 10/2s v Wests 10/2s
12.40pm 2x20mins Under 10/1s v Wests 10/1s
1.30pm 2x20mins Under 11/3s v Wests 11/3s
2.20pm 2x20mins Under 11/2s v Wests 11/2s
3.10pm 2x20mins Under 11/1s v Wests 11/1s
4.00pm 2x20mins Under 14s Valo vs Morpeth 14s
 International Field  
8.30am 2x20mins Under 12s v Wests 12s
9.20am 2x20mins Under 12/1s v Wests 12s
10.10am 2x20mins Under 12s Combined v Wests 12s
11.00am 2x20mins Under 13/5s v Wests 13s
11.50am 2x20mins Under 13/2s v Wests 13s 
12.40pm 2x20mins Under 13/1s v Wests 13s Combined
1.30pm 2x20mins Under 14/2s v Wests 14s
2.20pm 2x20mins Under 14/5s v Wests 14s 
3.10pm 2x20mins Under 14/1s v Wests 14s 
4.00pm 2x25mins Under 15/3s v Wests 15s
5.00pm 2x25mins Under 15/1s v Wests 15/1s